4 Items You Should Have When You Are Pregnant

By Lene Johannessen | Ads Disclosure | 30/10/2018, 3:20 PM
4 Things You Should Have When You Are Pregnant

It can be a challenge to be true to your own style whilst you are pregnant. The first few months you may not have to make a big change to your closet, however I had to. With a stomach that was clearly visible by week 10, I had to go and purchase some new pregnancy clothes. Good thing I love shopping so it was fun for me to go shopping for something new!

5 items you must have during pregnancy

I quickly discovered that the selection of fashionable pregnancy clothes is pretty bad and I was quite disappointed with what I was finding. I did not know what I needed and it seemed as if the stores did't know either. However, after a long time searching and questioning other mums, I made a list of 5 items I found I really needed to have. See my top 5 below.

Mom Dress

My first tip for you is to go shopping for a pretty pregnancy dress. You can wear it on most festive occasions and it will keep you cool. My advice is to choose a simple design with a versatile colour, such as something like blue. Combine the dress with a pair of slide on brogues in leather (swollen feet do not thrive in high heels!) and a pretty clutch.

Pregnancy Jeans

I had to go and buy myself a new pair of jeans quite early on in my pregnancy, when my favourite jeans didn't fit me anymore. I actually found it quite difficult to find elasticated pants that suited my style, but after a few attempts I found a pair that I have used loads so far. Go for a pair of jeans that are comfortable and that aren't too tight on your stomach - it will still grow. I even chose a pair of skinny maternity jeans; but make sure you decide on the jeans you think are most comfortable! Combine your jeans with a pair of sneakers and a patterned t-shrit. Here are my favourite jeans for pregnant women you can find online!

Tops for pregnant women

As the stomach grows bigger and bigger, pregnancy tops and t-shirts are actually more comfortable than oversized sweaters. At least, I feel much better in a top that is adapted to a growing belly than the sweaters and tops I already have in my closet. If you're spending the day outside then pick a simple t-shirt to keep cool and throw a cardigan or kimono over your shoulders if you're heading into a cold mall. Combine the top with your new pair of jeans and some sneakers for optimal comfort!

5 Things You Should Have When You Are Pregnant

Comfortable Sneakers

This is by no means a product targeted at pregnant women but I think it definitely should be! I do not know about you, but my feet swell during the day, and that's why a few really comfortable pairs of sneakers come to the rescue! Pregnant feet may also be more tired, given the extra weight we carry with us all day, and a pair of good shoes is really worth the investment. It might be time to put away your flip flops and find a pair of sneakers with soft materials and that are lightweight with good cushioning

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