4 sneaker styles to wear

By Nicole Gruss | Ads Disclosure | 02/02/2018, 5:04 PM

It's the time of the month when you've hit January blues and you are already starting to think about your summer plans. The good news is that spring is on the horizon and we are already noticing a difference! With pretty flowers starting to pop up and lighter mornings and evenings, our mood has already lifted. Unfortunately it's still too early to start removing layers of clothing but its not all bad news.

Winter means you can dress in cozy jumpers and accessorize with hats and scarves. Although boots dominate the winter months, sneakers are a staple item in the wardrobe for all year round. Coming in a variety of different styles, the humble sneakers are the perfect combination of comfortable, versatile and stylish.

4 sneaker styles to wear


When you think of sneakers you think of the urban style shoe worn by anyone and everyone. However, in recent years the sneaker has had a taste of luxury with established brands such as Gucci and Prada championing the urban style. There has been a rise in collaborations between household designers and the leading brands in athleisure wear. Although it can be difficult to mix luxury fashion and streetwise appeal, there have been successes across the board from household names and independent designers.  

1. Metallics 

Taking a futuristic twist, metallic trainers aren't just for fashion week! They take a modern twist on the classic sneaker and look great paired with any outfit! Brands such as Adidas and Puma have pulled off this trend by using sliver and gold accents in the trainers to give a bit of sparkle and edge. 

2. Neutrals

The golden rule of when it comes to your wardrobe is build around neutral tones. This is no exception when it comes to sneakers. invest in a simple neutral colored sneaker that could go with pretty much anything in your wardrobe. 


The oversized trend has expanded to platform sneakers! When you think you couldn't see anymore clothing items oversized then sneakers appear. If you want to grow a couple inches then this is the perfect sneaker for you and can make all the difference! 

4. Red 
Making a bold statement, red sneakers have made a popular appearance. Not for the faint hearted, red sneakers are a bit out there but we are loving them! A fresh take on the monochrome sneaker, this eye catching trend has become a fresh style and many brands are doing there own spin on the red sneaker. 

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