adidas activewear to get you inspired in the new year

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 26/01/2018, 11:38 AM

If the new year has inspired you to try out a new sport, luckily you’re in the best place to start. The Emirates has such great diversity and multiculturalism that it means there is access to a huge number of sports which you can try out. So, if you’re thinking about what you should wear on a netball court or a cricket pitch, or maybe you’re just looking for a new outfit for ladies? Check out this sportswear brand: adidas activewear.


Back in the 1920’s, adidas’ story began. The German brand embarked on their mission to provide athletes with the best sportswear possible. After a few quick wins (Olympics, World Cups, etc) and a little miracle the adidas brand has grown be a recognisable sportswear brand around the world, by just 3 stripes. Today, adidas activewear is available for all sports of all competitiveness and is even popular off the courts. Check out the latest trends for 2018.

Cool on the courts

If you’re looking for something new to wear whilst training with friends or because you need to look fighting fit at a competitive match, then this sportswear brand is a great choice. When thinking about sports gear, it’s sometimes easiest to go back to basics with your colour choices. Dark, moody colours make you look like a fierce squad - no one looks bad in black, but if you'd rather a little colour, why not try check out the adidas activewear range of clothing in midnight blue or forest green?

Gym outfits for ladies

If you're looking for something to excite you a little more, and inspire you to commit that gym routine, you'll be glad to see that retro styles (and their colours) and making a comeback. We've seen this trend re-emerge across fashion, but it has been most popular in activewear and skiwear, and of course the adidas activewear range has a great selection for you. Bright, neon coloured gym outfits for ladies are sure to get your excited about getting sweaty!


As fashion changes, adidas has been leading the way in terms of trends and adidas activewear is no longer just gym outfits for ladies or never to be seen outside of the house. Although once was only popular amongst those who champion urban style, streetwear has found it's place in mainstream fashion and of course, you'll be able to pull off a killer-look in adidas clothing: so if you're looking for a new pair of track pants, a hoodie or sweatshirt or a pair of classic sneakers: adidas is the place to start.

adidas activewear to get you ready for the new year

Whether you're looking for a new gym outfit for ladies which you can turn into a cool street-style look or just stocking up on gym gear, adidas activewear is the sportswear brand of choice for Fashiola!

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