Fashion Essentials You Need Right Now!

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 21/11/2019, 9:30 AM
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Do you ever just look at your closet packed with different clothing items and think "I have nothing to wear"? Or do you ever feel like after tons of shopping you still have to search every morning for the perfect outfit, and it never seems to come together right? 

Well, we have all been there! But the endless search for clothing items that don't exist and the constant struggle of finding a cohesive outfit will soon come to an end. That is if you get some of these key clothing and accessory pieces into your wardrobe.

These fashion essentials will help you have items you can throw on with ease and know they will go with anything. Plus, with these essentials, you will be prepared for any type of event or occasion at a moment's notice.

Add some of these essentials into your wardrobe to help bring you through all seasons and the struggle of having "nothing to wear". 

Fashion Essentials You NEED

Clothing Essentials

Fashion Essentials You Need Right Now!-132

1. Comfortable Denim Jeans

Every woman needs to have a few pairs of denim jeans that fit like a glove. It can be hard to find ones that fit perfectly but search far and wide because once you find a pair that fits like they were made for you, your life will forever change. 

2. Perfect Blazer

This essential fashion item will save you on various occasions when you have to dress up and look extra high end, and you don't have time to search for the perfect outfit. Throwing on a blazer automatically makes any look 100x better and more sophisticated.

3. Classic White T-Shirt

Having a few classic white t-shirts is a must for everyone in the world. A white t-shirt goes with anything and can be worn with a casual look, or a more classy look! This piece can easily be dressed up or down and is a lifesaving clothing item.

4. Classy Jacket

A classy and sophisticated jacket is a wardrobe essential because it not only keeps you warm when temperatures drop, but it also can be worn every day if need be. Unlike clothing, jackets can be worn multiple days in a row and no one bats an eye, so investing in a good one is very worth it.

5. Little Black Dress

A little black dress is something every woman needs as it will last for years and there will always be a time and place to wear it. Find little black dresses in a ton of different shapes and styles to find your perfect one, and dress it up or down with how you accessorize. 

Accessory Essentials 

Fashion Essentials You Need Right Now!-132

1. Elegant Watch

A watch is a timeless (literally) accessory that will get you through many long days. A simple watch looks great and is practical and can be worn casually or as part of a fancy look.

2. Stylish Sunglasses

Everybody needs sunglasses! They protect your eyes from the harsh sun and add some style to your face. Find a pair in a frame shape that suits your face and you are set. 

3. Dainty Gold Hoops

Dainty gold hoops can be worn during every occasion and time of day. They add the perfect subtle yet classy touch that is to die for!  

4. Everyday Handbag

A handbag is something you use daily and having a reliable and sturdy one is a must. Find one that fits everything you need and looks good while doing so. 

5. Fancy Earrings 

Having one pair of fancy dangly earrings is essential for those times when you need to accessorize an outfit to make it look more sophisticated. They are the perfect emergency earring that can bring an outfit from casual to classy in seconds.

Footwear Essentials

Fashion Essentials You Need Right Now!-132

1. White Sneakers

White sneakers are a must as the ultimate casual yet cute shoe. Sneakers can be worn for runs to the office, a trip to the coffee shop, and walking around the town. They are the best trendy footwear option that are also very comfortable. 

2. Black Heels

No closet is complete without one pair of black heels. These are the perfect going out shoe that is classy and fancy.

3. Nude Heels

If you are out on the town or in fancy situations often, then one pair of heels is not enough and you need a second pair in a nude color. 

4. Black Boots

Black boots are a staple footwear item that is perfect for the colder seasons. They can be dressed up or down, and look great with dresses and tights!

5. Heeled Boots

Boots with heels have that added class and elegance to them that is needed. They are the perfect shoe for cold nights at fancy locations. 

Get your hands on some of these fashion essentials now! It will make your styling life so much easier and smooth. 

It is time to make our life a little more simple by adding some key items into our wardrobes.

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