Floral print trends for Winter

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 10/12/2018, 4:24 PM

For most of the year in the Middle East, we are able to wear brightly coloured patterns and fashion trends which look their best in the sunshine. This means our wardrobes are full of clothes suited for the warm weather and at times it can be a real challenge to think of ways to make your wardrobe look just as fashionable in foggy winter days. Well, we have got the answer, as we explore the winter fashion trend: floral prints.

Winter fashion + floral prints

You are probably used to wearing your floral print blouses in the summer, dreaming back to when you could have lunch outside in the Spring. This year, the floral print has taken a dark turn and has featured in winter fashion collections: dark bouquets, graphic prints, and mesmersing rose palettes are actually well suited to gloomy winter days. The flower has reinvented itself and been reborn into our winter wardrobes!

How to adopt the floral print trend

There are a couple of ways you can wear the floral print trend this Winter. If you’re feeling bold, why not embrace the trend by wearing a floral print pair of pants, jacket or long dress? I experimented with the floral print trend below, by wearing a dark print with a denim jacket the look is transformed for the winter. I really enjoyed this trend, although the jacket could have been a dark denim, it means we can make days blossom to be a little brighter with shoots of floral prints. 


Floral print trends for Winter

If you’d rather just experiment with the floral print winter fashion trend, a handbag can add a decorative burst of colour against a plain coat or sweater. Similarly, a pair of blossom inspired print heels worn with some grey pants can jazz up your look for a more formal occasion - these are the details that can make all the difference!

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Make sure you make the most of your collection of clothes in your wardrobe for winter fashion, be creative with your pieces and how you pair them together - don’t be afraid to wear floral prints with dark colours, to tone down that summer feeling!


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