How to style: flared jeans in 2018

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 24/05/2018, 11:00 AM

It’s my daily go to - the jeans. Each season I’m excited to check out the new style jeans that will dominate the runway and the street, I look forward to explore a new dimension of the denim world and bring it into my closet. It’s been a month or two of 2018 and by now I’ve done some research, luckily for you, on what the new jeans trend 2018 will bring us. Drum rolls please… it’s the flared jeans! Alright, it’s not exactly new, we’ve seen it a lot in 2017, but the flared jeans has moved into the comfortable trend spot in which stores experiment with alterations on the original, so there are a lot of options to choose from!

How to style the flared jeans in 2018!

How to style: flared jeans in 2018

Jeans trend 2018: #1

A great alteration to the original flared jeans in 2018 is the high waisted flare jeans. It’s a new style jeans I’m looking forward to wearing this year. High waisted is flattering for any body type: if you’re small your legs look longer and if you’re tall it flatters your already long legs. What more do we want? I can tell you, personally not a lot more. So you’ve got your pair of high waisted flare jeans and now you’re kind of stuck and not sure how to proceed. Here’s an idea: pair your denim with a long sleeved shirt, preferably a cropped version. If you don’t have a cropped one, try tucking in one side of the buttons into the jeans and leave the other one out. Then, a pair of loafers underneath in preferably baby pink and match a bag in the same colour.  Finally add a choker necklace in silver for that extra spark.

New style jeans: #2

Another fabulous adaptation of the flared jeans this year is the cropped version. Somehow the cropped denim also flatters small and tall: the tall have cropped jeans while the small have a pair of jeans that finally has the right length (trust me, from personal experience that is hard to find!). How to style this category of flared jeans? Casual is the key word here. Bring your favourite t-shirt out of the closet, throw your beloved cardigan over it, add some sneakers and finish with a shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses.

My favourite flared jeans on Fashiola

I’ve gathered together my personal flared jeans favourites that you can find here on Fashiola, so check them out and find your next pair right here.

Every year new style jeans come out, and each time the anticipation is killing me! What will this year bring us? What are the new trends, ideas, alterations?.. The high waisted flared jeans is my personal favourite jeans trend 2018 has brought us so far. I cannot wait to wear it over and over again this year.

Love GalGal Dagan

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