How to wear: Double Up on Trends

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 12/03/2018, 5:40 PM

Sometimes it can feel like a real struggle to stay on top of all the trends and styles that are coming out of the fashion weeks happening around the world. This is now especially true as there has been a revival of trends from the last few decades and my mum likes to remind me that 'I used to wear that!.' I really have to pause and think whether i'm sure this is still cool... and to make things more complicated trends aren't just going around in cycles anymore - now we're actually doubling up on trends!

How to wear the trend

It might appear to be a bold move to try and double up on trends but if you really think about it, we have been doing it for years! Well, kind of... Some people seem to just know how to double up on trends and are able to see perfect outfits. Have you ever wondered how they are able to achieve those statement looks way ahead of the times?


There was a point in fashion history where we wouldn't dare wear different prints together - fast forward into 2018 and it's one of the most popular trends! There are some experts when it comes to prints, Versace, Gucci, D&G, if you're thinking of ways to try and wear this trend here are some things to remember:

  • Are you a print on print beginner? Try swapping a plain blouse for something with a light and simple pattern.
  • Your base colour is the key to a great print on print outfit. If you have a similar base colour in your patterns feel free to wear almost anything together!
  • Do you know your neutrals? There are certain patterns which are considered 'neutral' such as stripes and leopard print. You can match these base layers with almost anything!
  • Experiment with size - try pairing together similar prints in different sizes.
  • Colours are key - try and match one colour in your patterns or stick to similar tones!

Prints have been a super popular trend this year,  check out how you can even wear floral print during the winter. 

Double dare: double denim

There are lots of different reasons and way that you should not  be wearing double denim - but in 2018 it is time to break those boundaries and try out the double denim trend. I think people have a real skill if they are able to pull off wearing double denim, I can just about make a decision about the wash of my jeans. You can either chose to match your denim wash for top and bottom or wear contrasting colours - here are some of Fashiola's top tips for trying out this trend!

  • Create defining levels with your denim: make sure to tuck your denim shirt into a high waisted pair of jeans and break up the sea of denim with a chunky belt. 
  • Try out different shades: If you are a beginner when it comes to double denim you can start off combining a classic blue with grey or black denim. But don't be afraid to wear different washes of the same colour!
  • A pop of colour never hearts: If you think you've gone a little overboard with the denim why not wear a bright colour or a bold pattern to help break it up.
  • Extra tip: dark denim is going to be a popular trend this year so look out for deep blues and indigo!

Dresses on shirts

If you're wishing you could wear some of the dresses online at Fashiola but not sure it's the right look for you? Why not pair with a shirt or top! This trend started off with a simple slip dress being worn over a short sleeved t-shirt but you can definitely get creative with your pairings! With this trend you can wear your dresses out casually or dress it up - try mixing prints, sleeve lengths and combining styles!

Do you want to have a go at doubling up on trends? Why not experiment with the stylebook tools!

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