How to wear: sweaters for women

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 07/02/2018, 12:38 PM

I'm not sure about you, but in winter I  live in sweaters. They really are my best friend, I wear them every single day! I switch between colours, textures, patterns, styles and materials continuously as to mix it up and I must say it's an easy way to effortlessly find looks for every day of the week. However, I sometimes get blocked. I wear them so often, how would you style it yet again a little bit differently? If you've got the same issue as I do or you're a beginner to sweater styling, do not worry. I've got three sweater styles ready to advice you on how to buy women's sweaters and how to style them.

How to wear: sweaters for women

Sweaters for women: oversized sweaters

First thing first: oversized sweaters are truly your best choice in winter. Regardless of your body type this sweater looks cool, baggy, comfy and fashionable. Try them with jeans, skirts, pants or jumpsuits for a great winter outfit. In 2018, I opt for a chenille sweater in green, blue, yellow, black or white. Whichever colour you prefer - you'll be on trend, that's for sure. Combine a white chenille sweater with flared jeans, black leather loafers, black bucket handbag, a golden pendant necklace and a big pair of sunglasses.

Sweaters for women: big striped sweaters

This one is tricky, as it is difficult to find big striped sweaters that are not too big, not too stripy, have got the right kind of stripes (more on that in a bit) and have the right colour(s). The right kind of stripes is important because it affects the impression of your height. If you’re tall, it’s best to go with horizontal lines. But if you’re quite small like myself, you’d prefer to choose vertical lines. Colourful stripes are in this season, you could try the one below (or a similar one). Add a pair of black pants underneath, and follow with dark blue (that matches the blue in the sweater) suede pumps. Add a golden initial necklace to remain on trend and finish with a black with golden touches shoulder bag.

Sweaters for women: knit sweaters

Ahhh, our saviour! For any kind of occasion, any kind of weather, whoever you're going to or with, knit sweaters are our angel in need. If you're about the break down (well, hopefully it doesn't come to that, but you know, sometimes it happens), the knit sweater is your go-to, trust me. Classy, stylish and warm. Timeless colours such as deep red, deep blue or grey are your basic knit sweaters, as they could be reworn every year. Discover the deep red knit below, which could go very well with a dark grey skirt, brown with snake skin pattern ankle boots, dark brown tote and finally a white gold pendant necklace.

Alright, we have been through my three styling tips for sweaters for women. It can be overwhelming to find the one that matches you best, I know, but I hope this advice has helped you along the way a little bit. Sometimes you have no idea where to start and how to buy women's sweaters, and in this case start by having a closer look to the stylebooks for oversized sweaters, big striped sweaters and knit sweaters. You'll find your best friend very very soon!

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