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By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 06/08/2018, 12:00 AM

When you’re shopping for yourself or your partner, you’ve certainly got your go-to online shops and brands you love and cherish. But when it comes to buying luxury fashion for your mini me’s, I can imagine it’s a difficult battle. For some reason or other, there are plenty of multi-brand shops around for adults, but barely any for kids.

Cue Melijoe, your new favourite luxury kids clothes multi-brand shop. The destination for the latest arrivals, the best brands and the trends everyone’s excited about.

Parents, shop with MELIJOE for the latest collection in children's fashion.

Melijoe was established by Nathalie Genty, mother to five, with a strong desire to dress her kids in as much elegance and class as she does herself. The French mother didn’t waste any time and before she knew it, the start up has already celebrated its 10th anniversary. It’s sure to say, Melijoe knows what you love, what the trends are, and makes sure your kiddos look just as fabulous as you.

At Melijoe you will find a carefully curated collection, with a flare of the Parisian influence and class you can only find in France’s capital. The energy of the French, the laid back, sophisticated nonchalance they’re famous for, drips into Melijoe’s HQ making sure only the best of kids clothes is chosen to be featured on site.

Parents, shop with MELIJOE for the latest collection in children's fashion.

“We sell what we love”

When you shop at Melijoe for your kids clothes you’re guaranteed a worldly view of fashion in general, but also of the latest trends. Melijoe’s team watches the fashion world for the newest releases and curates their exclusive collection from over 150 brands worldwide. You'll find the most sought after designers like Gucci and Balenciaga, the fashion world’s best kept secrets like Pom d'Api, and the classic brands their wardrobe cannot do without such as Calvin Klein and Kenzo. This way, you can include your kids in the shopping experience and make sure they can express themselves through their wardrobe. Whichever you’re after, exceptional or affordable, Melijoe is your kids clothes heaven.

Parents, shop with MELIJOE for the latest collection in children's fashion.

Another wonderful aspect of Melijoe I’m loving, is that by browsing through their collection you grasp at once what the key trends are for the coming season. You can apply that to your kids clothes but also to your own; making your shopping experience easier and more fun. No need in digging deep into the internet to find out about the next big pattern, colour or material - simply check out Melijoe!

In Melijoe I am sure you will find your new favourite go-to multi-brand shop for kids clothing. Don’t hesitate any longer and have a look on Fashiola for the newest Melijoe collection for your kids clothes.

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