5 Trends for Men's Summer Fashion

By Nicole Gruss | Ads Disclosure | 26/04/2018, 4:09 PM

It's time to look forward to our summer outfits for the year! Gentlemen, forget about your dated chinos and shorts which you had in your wardrobe for all these years. This year you've got to start thinking about funky prints, different styles and a splash of colour!  Men's summer fashion is taking inspiration straight from the catwalks this year with some really daring designs - time to take a look at 5 of our favourite men's summer fashion trends.

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Daddy, daddy cool.

These men's summer fashion tips will mean your kids are happy to be seen with you! It's time to forget about the dated dad style of wearing a square suit. Young father's today are seen wearing laid back sweaters, denim and sneakers. It's definitely a comfortable and cool vibe, perfect for weekends at the Mall. This trend is definitely easy to wear with an added essence of coolness and self-confidence which you'll see throughout your wardrobe. If you like the sound of this look then try experimenting with this men's summer fashion trend by wearing a bold, branded luxury t-shirt, the latest fashion for men's sneakers or maybe even a statement pair of desert boots.

Jumpsuits for men

This trend might not be loved by everyone but this catwalk style is making it's way into online stores. Jumpsuits for men are easier to wear than you think - and they are super comfortable to wear! If you love the streetwear style which is popular at the moment then this is definitely a piece of clothing to consider! If you want to try out this daring trend of jumpsuits for men then you can easily rock it with any sort of t-shirt you like but bright colours work best! 

jumpsuits for men


Do you remember when clothes were supposed to actually fit? Well the trend of perfectly slim and tailored clothing for men is over! Now we're seeing that clothing comes more loose fitting which is perfect for the hot summer days! Oversized clothing is definitely the men's summer fashion trend to embrace. The latest fashion for men in oversized clothing is definitely in wide leg pants which look their coolest high waisted and worn with a pair of brogues or old-school sneakers.

Pastels are for Pretty Boys

Of course, how could we not talk about our favourite colours for the summer? Pastels have always been associated with the sunnier months however this year the pastel colour trend even featured in the winter! Pastel colours bring a fun vibe to your outfit and can be surprisingly easy to wear. Whether you would like to be wearing a ice-cream coloured t-shirt or some pastel accessories, it's definitely time to invest in pastel colours!

Holiday hopes: Bomber Jackets

If you're planning on going on a holiday abroad this year and thinking your destination might be somewhere in Europe then you will definitely need a summer jacket. Not sure what kind of jacket to invest in for your holiday? One of the most popular European men's fashion trends for this year will be bomber jacketscheck out the trends for tough looking bombers and embroidered bomber jackets for men.

These are our top tips for men's summer fashion trends! What are your plans for the summer? Tell us more in the comments.

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