This Season's Best Shoes

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If you want a look that will not go unnoticed this season, put all your effort and energy into your pair of shoes. It’s true!  This season, it will not be about your accessories or your bag. No, it will be your feet, or more exactly, what you choose to put around them, that matters. Pompons, sequins, multi colored laces, gold and silver prints, multi colored sneakers, detailed cowboy boots... in short, you have so many to choose from. Check out my favorite styles for this season.

This Season's Best Shoes

My Favourite Footwear for This Season

Kittens heels

A real must-have in the 1990s, kitten heels are back! I'm so excited to wear them again in 2018. We've seen them going around at Prada, Miu Miu and Mari. They have become huge fans, so why should we not? Kittens heels will enjoy the spotlight during 2018, with many alterations (I'm sure) for each season. You can wear them with jeans or a maxi dress, for a simple and chic look.

The "sock boot"

Okay, I must be honest here. I wasn't the biggest fan of this trend back when it started to surface. But, I must say I gradually got used to it after seeing it everywhere and on anyone who knows their fashion. The sock boot comes mainly colour blocked or in a flashy color, and often in leather or velvet. Whichever you prefer, there is something for everyone. If you dare, try them with a suit. It might not be your every day look, but it's sure to make an impression. But you can also style them into your daily outfit if you prefer some jeans and a blouse.

Multicoloured Sneakers

We're very into kitschy kitschy when it comes to sneakers in 2018. Have a look at Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Balenciaga, they set the trend of decorating your white sneakers with patterns, or decided to use some rather showy colours. Red is a big hit  for sneakers this season. Personally, I love it. What do you think? Would you give these a try with a maxi skirt perhaps?

slip on brogues

Slip-on brogues

One of my favourite footwear trends for 2018 is the slip-on brogues... and I think they work perfectly in the UAE! The latest fashion in slip-on brogues is to have decorative designs which are colourful and bold which definitely suits the latest fashion here! Wear a pair of slip-on brogues with a pleated midi skirt or maxi dress for the perfect summer vibe!

The Cowboy Boot

You either love it or hate it: The cowboy boot. Pick a side (psst.. the we-love-it side has cookies. Your choice is made) and see which pair fits your style. With this boot,  you will not need flashing accessories or colours that attract the attention away. Check out Calvin Klein, this brand offers a few models models for the coming season without it being too much. Combine these boots with long dresses for a hippy chic look, or with skinny jeans for your everyday kind of style. I'm not sure where you might get away with wearing this boots in the Middle Eastern heat but they're definitely a fun pair for the closet!

Whether you’re going for the kitten heels, the sock boot, multicoloured sneakers or the cowboy boot, you’re sure to be on trend this season. Check out different brands and styles and see which one fits your personal style best. 


Which one is your favourite?

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