What should I wear to Friday Brunch?

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 09/05/2018, 2:26 PM

If there is one thing that expats in the Middle East are fantastic at it’s going to brunch. Every Friday across the Gulf young expats get prepared for a big Friday session of Brunch. When the clocks hit 12 o’clock they all climb into a minibus and head to the hotel of choices for an afternoon of bottomless food and drink. But, if you aren’t heading to Zero Gravity for the classic picture in the clear pool (you do know the one) and need more than just a bikini...

                              What should I wear to Friday brunch?

What should I wear to Friday Brunch?

Dresses For Women at Brunch

When it comes to going out dresses whilst at brunch there aren’t any really strict guidelines; it’s an opportunity for ladies to get dressed up you just have to remember that this is the Middle East but there are plenty dresses for women which don’t show off too much.

When it comes to trends for dresses for women this year there are a few standout themes

  • Pretty pastels have been popular this winter and that is on to continue into the summer. Wear a pastel slip dress over a t-shirt for the ultimate 90’s look.

  • Floral midi dresses are a decorative way to jazz up your Friday look - best worn with a killer pair of boots.

  • An easy way to dramatise an outfit is with ruffles - whether it’s waterfall dress or frills that frame your hips, ruffles are a big trend 2018.

Some of the most popular going out dresses to shop online for are asymmetrical dresses. This style of dress is perfect for a day out at brunch as it means that you can use the dress to highlight your favourite part of your body whilst still being a little bit distracting. Asymmetrical dresses come in a huge number of styles but are mainly loose fitting dresses which means they are a great choice for a sticky-humid evening out in the city.

What should I wear to Friday Brunch?

Women’s Casual Blazers

If going out dresses isn’t your thing then the trend to get on board with this year is women’s blazers. Blazers for women are a great option to wear for brunch as it means you’re covered up and to be honest it’s usually pretty chilly in these hotels. When it comes to women’s casual blazers you can dress them up by wearing a sheer or low-cut bodysuit underneath and mix and match your bottoms. Women’s casual blazers designs also come in the big trends for the year: pastel colours, pretty prints and asymmetric detailing.



Pants have been a popular trend for the last year and i'm pleased to see it's continued into 2018! If you are looking for a way to upgrade your look of a nice top and jeans why not start off with a pair of flared jeans or embroidery detailing? The pant category has had a revamp and the wide leg pant has come out as a winner! With decorative patterns and lots of detailing that look glamorous with a pair of heels, get yourself some fancy pants for brunch in 2018. 

Hello Heels

Do you spend 95% of your time living in the Middle East wearing flip flops? Well, this is your chance! Friday brunches is the opportunity to get a little more dolled up. Unlike people still living in Europe, the shoes you can wear in the Middle East are a little limited - there is basically no opportunities to wear women's boots. But brunch: You're indoors, usually a cool hotel, it's time to wear some killer heels. Women's boots are a popular trend this year, whether you love them or not, all the stars are rocking sock boots. Let's be real though - invest in a style of heeled women's boots which will be around for the years to come as there aren't too many times a year that they come out to play...

These are pretty though:

It's Friday! If you're heading out to brunch this week enjoy yourself in the top trends for going out out.

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